Help Us Name This CLA Publication!

By Ona Alston Dosunmu

Welcome to the inaugural issue of CLA’s first digital magazine—a quarterly publication designed to showcase the extraordinary work happening across the California Lawyers Association. This publication is a benefit for all CLA members. Over the coming months our hope is to provide of our members a glimpse into the diverse array of work being undertaken to educate the legal community and advance the mission of CLA. This work takes place in our 17 Sections, in our Committees and at the Board and staff level. CLA’s Sections are the lifeblood of our association, but until now their work existed in silos and each Section’s work was only visible to the members of that Section.

You may have noticed that so far, we don’t have a name for our new publication. We’re hoping all of you, our readers, will provide suggestions. (As of September 2021, a name has been selected for this digital publication: Legal Perspectives.)

This publication, along with enhancements and improved search function on our website are efforts to help remedy this and share the incredible work of the Sections with entire association membership. CLA is more than its Sections, however. In addition to publishing journals and magazines and presenting numerous continuing education programs, CLA is an advocate for the profession. CLA helps support the well-being of lawyers. And the volunteer leaders in various committees along with the professional team work incessantly to advance our mission. This issue of highlights the various ways in which CLA is supporting diversity and inclusion in the profession. Future issues will explore efforts underway to advance other elements of our mission. We look forward to highlighting various members, inviting members to be guest authors, and hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think and send your ideas to our Managing Editor, Brian Heaton at Ona Alston Dosunmu is the C.E.O. & Executive Director of the California Lawyers Association.

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